Bronze Bow- Last

1. When Daniel said that it means that even Samson had given his life so that he can fight the romans, he defiantly have to win. Not only for Samson but for all who had died to help him fight. I’d say sometimes…. The kind of power that love give you are different then ones that hate gives. From my point of view love’s power doesn’t always let you achieve your goal in the first place, but it gives comfort to the heart and change your thoughts. While hate’s power lets you go on and on no matter what’s in front of you, but in the end all there will be left is emptiness. There’s both good and bad about either kind of power, so it depends of what you are doing.

2. I’m not sure about this answer, there’s no one that I connect to all… What I mean is that I have parts same as all kinds of character, but not a lot similar with one. (hope you get what i mean) Why dont I list it out, may be better to understand.

Daniel-  Hates it when someone who you believe betrays you. Hate comes first before Love.

Malthace -Follows rules just so that I don’t get into trouble, but deep down inside there’s so many rules that i want to break.

Joel- Tries to make parents proud. Tries never to put shame on parents name (except when I am angry at them)

3. I liked the story, it was a great one but still there are some parts that I think can improve. Like when they tries to same Joel, people dies too easily!! And the battle is so short, it should be more complicated, more detailed since so many important characters died in that scene! It’s like “They fought and they died.” Another part is that they didn’t talk more about what happened to others of the band, like it’s forgotten and abounded. Yes, it did talk about Joel, but how about Nathan and his wife. Didn’t anybody blame Daniel for his death?!! It’s always fun to know what happened to the rest and the other characters in a story after  the ending. So those are the parts that I would like the story to improve on except for that it was an great story!

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  1. 1. Penso che Daniel significa che quando morì Sansone che era colpa sua. Ma Gesùgli disse di mostrare l’amore di rimborso. Ma Daniel penso che sia impossibile amarenemico. ma Gesù lo mostrano che è possibile amare i vostri nemici. Sono d’accordoche l’unica cosa che è più forte dell’odio è l’amore, perché quando c’è amore, non c’èodio. Quindi, se abbiamo sempre l’amore non ci sarebbe alcun odio?

  2. I like how you said it comforts, but both hatred and love can get you to achieve your goal but just in a different way. I can’t believe you liekd the story. :O

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