Here i am again~~~ it’s been a while since i’ve typed some of my random notes!! ~~ XD so happy!~ well this time it’s basicly talking about the role models of people and the influence you get from those around you. Nothing special just another one of those question-answer posts~`~

  • A role model to me is ones who i can learn from, who can lead me through something different. Ones that have done the things I’ve wanted to and was able to make it through. I guess like all others they are ones that can encourage you to move on towards your goal.
    • Ones other then family are often friend or teacher/coach, those that are close to you and interacts with you in daily life. Firstly important because not only then do they understand you more compared to strangers you in a way knows them, and feels more safe to let out your troubles to them. They are already ones who have gained your respect, for their words and actions to get to you is much more easier then a strangers.
    • I guess it is, since who in this world would tell some stranger about yourself and look up to one when you have no clue what they are. To those that you’ve interacted with you know them more and can decide to admire or not. It is a choice you get to make after seeing who they truly are not just what others say or what you may see one TV, so i guess it has more of and affect that way.
    • To me i’d relate more to the second idea “Teenagers’ role models reveal that teens want to get ahead, accomplish goals, overcome obstacles… and be encouraged along the way. ” To me i see my life as my own. Everybody will die one day but not everyone lived. If they are ones there to stop me from living my life then why would I even like them. I look up to those that share a common idea as me, ones that will know how i think and encourage my way. I don’t mind people sharing ideas against what i believe is right but in the same time i’ll just ignore and not let it affect me.
    • Surprising, i guess not. There isn’t much to be surprised about in truth, there are tons of people in this world. Of course there are a lot of different ideas coming out from them. Or maybe it’s because I get to interact with all kinds of people even in my daily life. Those ideas don’t really get to me, or just simply do what i usually do *nod* and *smile*.  It is often those who isn’t willing to listen to what others have to talk about get surprised with such ideas.
    • None, just another research to tell the world the basic ideas and reaction people have. It is logical reaction, expected. Just worded out into more detailed paragraphs, the basic idea of the talk is not big deal.

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